What is the machine for karting?

Machine for carting seemingly simple device. Compared with conventional cars this is true, but don't jump to conclusions and take cards to some frivolous toys.

Machine design for karting consists of several important components. First of all, this chassis, wheels, frame and engine. On all maps installed hydraulic brake system, which is divided into contours. Depending on the type of brake system, maps of different classes are very different. Children's models brakes are installed on the rear axle, while the adult models are equipped with brakes on each circuit. The front wheels are on each system and on the rear axle also has its own brakes.

In contrast, the same car, the pedals have a map of just two. One of them regulates the supply of gas, while the second brake. By the way, today, you can find some models in which the brakes on the front wheels are operated manually. Experienced motorist at first can be very difficult to control the pedals card, which are also very sensitive. Suspension from the map completely absent, spars not really soften - they work in torsion and bending. Ask a question
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