What is a car inverter?

The human desire for comfort forces developers different techniques constantly to create devices that allow us not to abandon their habits even in field conditions. Such devices may include an inverter.

The main function of the inverter is convert DC to AC, allowing you to have a car familiar to us from the outlet 220.

When selecting an inverter, it is necessary to pay attention to the capacity of the device, which must be greater than the capacity of the equipment that will be used. It is worth noting that more than the inverter capacity, the more expensive it is. Therefore, the capacity of the device is calculated as the required power plus a small margin.

If You plan to connect your devices with large inrush loads such as an angle grinder or drill, you should pay attention to the maximum short-term power.

Another important indicator is the shape of the output signal. Affordable inverters she usually has the form of a modified sine that it may be appropriate to connect the kettle or iron, but not very good if You plan to connect some accurate measuring equipment or the same laptop.

Inverters with a capacity of up to 200 watts can be connected to the connector of the cigarette lighter, devices with greater capacity are connected directly to the battery. Ask a question
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