That should be part of the car kit?

Over the last few years, the composition of the car kit has changed markedly. So, from there disappeared familiar to us Zelenka and iodine, but there was a lot of other things.

In particular, first aid kit has gained a lot of dressing devices. Zelenka and iodine was removed for one simple reason - they should not be applied to fresh wounds. And according to statistics, during an accident a large number of people it dies from blood loss. Now in the medicine Cabinet new sample as much as 6 types of bandages, 5 patches, new harness and even scissors with curved ends.

Actually, here it is - part of the new car kit:

one tourniquet.
non - sterile gauze bandage.
- sterile gauze bandage.
- bactericidal adhesive tapes.
- one inch adhesive tape roll length 2.5 m
- one sterile dressing pack.
packaging of sterile gauze napkins No. 10 sizes 16 and 14, see
one very important device for providing artificial respiration Mouth-Device-Mouth".
medical scissors 1 piece
- 1 pair of medical gloves size not less than "M". Ask a question
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