How to save on fuel?

Many motorists today are concerned about the rising cost of fuel. Using the tips below, you will be able to significantly reduce the cost of riding in the car.

In order to economize on fuel, make sure that the process of acceleration, and braking process occurred evenly and smoothly. You just need to develop the habit and learn to ride smoothly. This is indicative of the level of your professionalism, especially when the need arises abruptly hit the brakes.

Make sure that in your trunk as much as possible things that could increase the overall weight of the vehicle and, accordingly, the amount of energy needed for acceleration.

Many motorists ask, and at what speed it is best to go to the petrol was spent as economically as possible? We advise you to choose a middle ground between 60 to 100 kilometers per hour. This speed will allow you to economize on the speed of your car. Also fuel is spent on electricity: bulbs in cars, music, air conditioning.

Not a very profitable operation and automatic transmission, which improves fuel consumption by 15%.
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