How to choose tires for a car?

"But you already replaced the rubber?" one of the most common questions that is asked motorists to each other on the eve of December. In this article we will explain how to choose the right tires for your car.

Perhaps, for anybody not a secret that there are two types of rubber - summer and winter. But there is also "westonka". It is worth noting that these tires is just a trick of the marketers. The perfect off-season tyres, ensuring perfect grip, simply do not exist.

Tires vary in softness, structure, and winter - and the absence or presence of spines. Rubber spiked just great for driving on icy or snow-covered floor. As for the tires without studs, they are more suitable for city streets.

Many specialized sites there is a special tire calculator allows you to choose correct tires depending on what drives you have available. It is very important to predict not only with the type of protector, but with a load index and speed. Ask a question
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