How to choose the right ATV?

ATVs or all terrain vehicles today are not uncommon, and an increasing number of people acquire this vehicle. Buying an ATV, you must know that you will have to register in order to use it you must have a driver's license, and undergo regular inspection. Besides ATVs are prohibited from use on public roads.

Next is to decide what kind of ATV You need. They are basically divided into two types: sports and utilitarian.
Sports lighter, they have, as a rule, smaller wheels with the drive to one axle. These ATVs have a manual transmission and can accelerate to 150 km/H.

Utilitarian or household is more severe, they have all-wheel drive and is unlikely to be able to accelerate faster than a hundred kilometers. But at the same time they are more stable, and you can even hitch a trailer.

ATVs can also be divided according to the engine size, they are from 50 to 950 cubic centimeters. Typically, the average ATV has a volume of about 500 cubic centimeters.

If we talk about the cost of the ATV, it can be divided into several groups.
Thus, the price of Chinese ATVs start at $ 50,000, Korean 100 000 rubles, and the Japanese and American ATVs start with 300 000 rubles.

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