5 avtomatov of militants from the «Mythbusters»

Probably not a Thriller in which the main character would never cut through the city on a luxury Buick, didn't shoot a tank with 300 meters and not hid behind the door of the bus from the bullets. It's time to debunk some Hollywood avtomaty.

1. If the bullet strikes the tank, it will explode.
The myth was disproved during the experiment with an ordinary bullet. When using traceroute projectile, the gas tank has really exploded. But Stethem because of the usual pistol shot, isn't it?

2. The car door can protect in a shootout.
The car body is made of thin sheet metal, unable to stop even an ordinary bullet. Similarly helpless and panel interior trim.

3. People can leave fallen into the water machine after water would cover glass.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. The water pressure on the door of the car is very high, open it from the inside is impossible. Because of the pressure you can't even lower the glass handle or an electric motor.

4. Police radar can be fooled, if placed under the windshield CD.
Neither CDS nor mirrored disk on the roof or any floor of the car foil could not dull the vigilance of the radar detector.

5. If during the charging of the car to talk on a cell phone, an explosion may occur.
Experimentally proved that the phone is not able to cause an explosion, even being surrounded by gasoline vapors in sufficient concentration to ignite.
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